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Eurotrip 2013 English version

Hello everyone! Today I want to tell you the story of our month-long journey across Europe. From this post you will get to know about all the difficulties we had to face and pick up tips on unusual travel in the biggest European cities.

1. Heading to outer space.

big postСвернуть )


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19 сент, 2013 15:12 (UTC)
Wow! Really amazing story. I am going to make a simila trip next year and now I am at the planning stage. I have already reserved a car in cars-scanner and some hotels. Wish that very soon I will post my wonderful pictures.
19 сент, 2013 16:23 (UTC)
Kölner Dom
Hi guys!
Absolutely stunning views, amazing pics, which are very touching! You are very brave! Thanks for sharing your treasure! take care, Anja
Birgit Khlborn
20 сент, 2013 07:04 (UTC)
Ich habe selten so beeindruckende Fotos gesehen. Ein großes Kompliment.
viele Grüße aus Deutschland
smriti middha
20 сент, 2013 12:05 (UTC)
Great Post

Loved your blogpost. The pictures are amazing. How do I get in touch with you for using the story for a travel magazine? I can be reached at smriti@travelchronicles.in
Peer Jungbluth
20 сент, 2013 20:02 (UTC)
wahnsinn-aktionen :-)
und absolut geile Fotos!! passt auf auf euch.
beste grüße from koblenz, germany
21 сент, 2013 13:24 (UTC)
Крас ота
Прекрасные виды! Великолепный репортаж! Хорошо бы сделать такой же о Москве и России!
Michael Aman
22 сент, 2013 20:38 (UTC)
Amazing Shots!
Really amazing shots and really cool action. Would it be possible, to get some of the shots in a high resolution (nightshots from cologne and paris)?
Lenka Ltov
25 сент, 2013 17:40 (UTC)
It´s awesome !!!! hey guys you are such inspiring :-)
Chris Jefferson
29 сент, 2013 13:04 (UTC)
Really appreciate the english write-up. Gorgeous photos as always.
Pepe Luis
30 сент, 2013 06:05 (UTC)
Dear guys, I admire your art and courage. I'm too old to dare to do what you do, but I try (at my level). I live in Southern Spain, so you have been close to my place. May I ask what tripod you use for your explorations? It looks light, tiny and tough, just what I need!
7 окт, 2013 11:00 (UTC)
Вадим, отзовись!
Я журналист канала 49. Хочу с Вами переговорить о возможном репортаже. Свяжитель со мной.
Jay Cumbey
8 окт, 2013 11:47 (UTC)
I live in Cologne for the past 12 years, the stuff u did on the DOM was awesome. love your view of the world keep it up and stay safe!

Love & Lights aus Köln
linksjugend koeln
8 окт, 2013 15:53 (UTC)
use of pic 32 or 35
hi guys
i really love your work!i just had to use one of your cologne pics for my blog, a local leftwinged youthgroup (http://linksjugend-solid-koeln.blogspot.de/). i hope you don't disagree with that. otherwise i'd delete it immidiatly. I also put your link on the bottom as source of the background pic.
keep going & best wishes
17 окт, 2013 17:13 (UTC)
Кёльн и Париж просто АХ!
17 окт, 2013 22:34 (UTC)
it is quite impressive!
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